8 things you’ll know if you’re a Northerner living in the South

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have a few friends who are looking for a man. It’s not an easy task, what with younger women moving up through the ranks all the time. But at least, I figured, my friends don’t have to compete against the occasional Yankee woman who ends up here since Southern men prefer Southern women. Or so I thought. As my friend and I were walking recently, I raised the question. She said, “Well, I think it depends on her body. If she looks good enough, I don’t think they’d mind her accent. It’s taught.

Becoming a Southerner in England

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Without slavery, the divisions that split our nation probably would not have occurred, but slavery was not the only cause of the war.

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I interrupted some housework to read the ensuing furore. I was busy getting the spare room ready for a visitor. Kirstie Allsopp suggested northerners were cleaner than southerners – and Winifred Robinson agrees. It was a homecoming for us after more than 20 years down south — eight in London and 12 in a village on the edge of the Cotswolds. When we were looking for a new home, like Kirstie I was struck by the pristine condition of most of the houses we saw up north.

But why are northerners cleaner? The suggestions included the idea that southerners have less time to clean because of longer commutes and that there is more to do in London than clean. I was born in Liverpool in a back-to-back terrace near the docks. I lived there until I was five, when the houses were demolished in slum clearance. They were pretty horrible — only cold running water and no baths — but the women kept them spotless.

These were manufactured in Manchester, about the size of a bar of soap and made of pulverised stone, cement and bleach powder. No self-respecting housewife had dirty steps. They risked life and limb to clean the windows — pushing up the sashes and sitting on the sills, leaning out backwards to polish the glass, so you can imagine how pristine the kitchens were.

Northerners and Southerners: Are they THAT different?

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There is something about the way Southern men treat a lady that really gets She met this last man online and after a year of online dating she.

I hadn’t been called “Ma’am” by someone I was dating until I moved to the South. For the last three years, this California girl has been living down South and enjoying all of its southern hospitality. Other than deciding to swipe right for the guy holding a gun, the guy in his truck or tractor, and the guy with his grandma, here are a few things I learned about sex and dating in the South:. Where I’m from, people say “dude,” “like,” and “hella” in nearly every sentence. Now I know it’s just something that’s ingrained in southerners and I’ve grown to like it!

The South is steeped in tradition. One of them being Sunday dinners and, more likely than not, church. Dating in the South has shown me that some men really value those southern traditions. Initially, that was one of the biggest surprises for me. These southern family values can lead to younger marriages and children from previous relationships. I had to adjust my perspective a bit when talks of children and marriage would come up on the first date or sooner. I had to realize that in a southern family, sometimes conversations about work and ambitions take a back seat to discussions about child rearing and religion.

10 differences between Northerners and Southerners (UK)

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. There is something about the way Southern men treat a lady that really gets me going in a good way. It’s like they just understand us better. They don’t get all pissy on you when you cry, they think most of the stupid things you do are cute, and they are very good at teasing you till you are so hot under the collar you could just die!

The rivalry is strong between the northern girl and the southern girl in the dating world too. But before you pledge allegiance to House South.

Fellas, listen up. Here’s what you need to know before dating a Southern gal. By Anna Aguillard. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. Chris Rogers. She’s never late.

Oxford’s southern obsession

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. What does a tornado and a southern divorce have in common? Someone is losing their trailer. This joke may contain profanity. Southern Woman A Southern wife came home just in time to find her husband in bed with another woman.

before dating a Southern girl. She always does her homework. Before y’all started dating, she ran a thorough background check, which looked something like this.

Men from the north are known to make better companions, lovers, and boyfriends so if you’re looking for love, these are the guys you REALLY need to date. Here are 15 reasons Northern guys make the best boyfriends Whatever Northern breed you go for, whether he’s a Geordie, scouse or ANY man north of the Watford Gap we promise you he won’t disappoint.

From their unwavering passion for for alcohol to their happy-go-lucky attitudes and witty charm, here’s why Northern guys are best of them all. Leave your grumpy London hunk and meet the real Northern man you always wanted. They’re loving, generous and overall much happier people. There’s something strangely sexy about a British accent you can’t quite understand. If you’re being a pain in the arse a Northern guy won’t be afraid to tell you straight.

It’s this no-nonsense attitude that makes them so undeniably sexy. Which is WAY sweeter than the common ‘babes’ and ‘dah-ling’ you hear down south. Because there’s nothing less attractive than a man who turns into a cheap sleaze after just three drinks. Maybe it’s their happy demeanour, maybe it’s the cheap beer – who knows – a Northern man isn’t afraid to show his love.

Kirstie Allsopp says southerners are DIRTIER than northerners

There are some things southerners just don’t understand. Here’s our list of the things only Northerners living down south will get. You miss being able to say hello to strangers at the bus stop without causing them to back away in alarm. By Mirror. News, views and top stories in your inbox.

The Channel 4 star – a life-long southerner herself – was accused of courting Kirstie Allsopp suggested northerners were cleaner than southerners his co-​star India Mullen after shutting down speculation they are dating.

But you should be aware of a few genuine differences between the inhabitants of these two regions. Try to turn out of a side road in the North and a fellow motorist will stop, give you a thumbs-up and let you onto the road. The simple truth is that northerners are nicer. We make small talk in queues. We even, God forbid, chat to people who live on the same street as us.

All of which might seem implausible to southerners who, despite being shoved into close physical proximity in their overcrowded bit of the island, act as if everyone around them is a hologram. It makes you wonder why hermits bother to find caves when they want to escape from human contact. If they really want to achieve complete isolation, the best thing they can do is sit on a crowded rush hour tube and try and start a conversation.

A pub in Newcastle once offered customers free use of the toilets with every five pints of lager they bought. Needless to say, none of their patrons were soft enough to take them up on the offer, with most locals waiting until at least the following Tuesday to strain their greens.

35 of the funniest jokes by Northern comedians

A new poll by Comedy Central Live claims to have determined the funniest parts of the UK, supposedly proving once and for all that Northerners are funnier than their southern counterparts. Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester came up trumps, while Brighton was left languishing with just 2 per cent of the vote. And they have given us so many laughs over the years.

Three weeks after he told me that, my girlfriend was pregnant.

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There is no denying that people who live in the North of the UK have very different characteristics from those living in the South, which leads to intense rivalry between the two. What people eat is also telling. The accents are also very different. Did you know there are over 56 different accents in the UK? According to research carried out by Cambridge University, people from Yorkshire are the most helpful when asked for directions and Scots are the friendliest. It also found Londoners to be the least friendly.

Why, you may ask? I mean, taking the London Tube during rush hour would be enough to push even the friendliest person over the edge! If you have a question for our resident Brit drop us an email at askabrit greatbritishmag. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Northerners vs Southerners (USA)

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