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In the USA, Terry Todd was making squats in excess of lbs, bench at lbs, and dead lifts officially at lbs. Ronnie Ray was outstanding with many National titles benching lbs at lb bodyweight. Dave Moyer with his lb squat at lbs. Doug Hepburn and Benoit Cote in Canada, two Superheavies capable of huge lifts in the late 50’s and 60s, with Hepburn credited with a lb plus bench press and lb squat and Cote with his lb dead lift. These lifters had been superceded by individual performances from such notables as Paul Anderson and Bob Peoples. They were the ones who were there when Powerlifting all started and helped set the standards for others to beat. Over in Australia, Bruce White was pulling lb plus dead lifts at pounds, Ron Modra and Ray Rigby were prominent early Powerlifters in the late ‘s. In America, Olympic weightlifting was declining, while bodybuilding and powerlifting were on the up and up. The AAU took control and as a result, the AAU finally staged its first national championship in , with the bench press, squat, and deadlift selected as the championship powerlifts.


Great to know what weaknesses need to be worked on, in preparation for a busy competitive ! Also, a big thanks to elevate. Wonderful equipment and atmosphere with many delicious makan places around! We’ll be back! As we continue to grow and move forward, do keep a look out for us with a few more competitions till the year ends! For the ladies, we have a growing womens’ team, so don’t worry about powerlifting being a male-dominated sport!

Ms. Lacanglacang, a powerlifter herself, began training her daughter on its powerlifting events dating back to , continues to see a steady.

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Coronavirus impact: Powerlifter JayCee Cooper remains ready to compete and speak out and but struggles with uncertainty. Caster Semenya and JayCee Cooper faced adversity in their respective sports in , but never quit pursuing their dreams. The world leader in LGBTQ sports coverage is now in your earbuds and headphones with podcasts 6 days a week.

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Mother-daughter duo set to battle it out against Russian and American heavyweights at an international powerlifting competition next month.

Strength training is a popular choice of exercise among many because of the vast benefits that it presents both physically and mentally. Due to the anatomy of the shoulder joint being a ball-in-socket joint, there is more mobility and reduced stability which increases its risk for injury. Rotator cuff injury, impingement, glenoid labrum injury, dislocation, and shoulder instability are amongst the most common shoulder injuries that occur from gym workouts. Some of the common weightlifting exercises that cause shoulder injury include military press overhead press , dips, and bench press.

While these are only some of the most common, practicing proper and safe technique is important when performing any exercise. Lifting with improper technique can cause excessive pressure to be applied to the joints and muscles which can lead to injury. Continued practice of bad technique can further exacerbate symptoms of injury and result in more serious conditions over time. Getting your technique right from the very beginning ensures that you hammer down safe lifting habits as you progress as a lifter.

Performing exercises at a level of intensity that is overbearing for your body can result in lifting with improper form or technique, ultimately putting you at greater risk of injuring yourself. Experiencing any pain during or after a workout is a signal from the body that the intensity level of your workout is overloading the shoulder. However, as general advice, a newbie weightlifter can focus on each muscle group at least twice with 24 to 48 hours of rest between each session.

Preventing overload of the shoulders during a workout, incorporating a good diet plan and training program as well as establishing a good balance between training and recovery is important to prevent the onset of muscle fatigue. If pain persists for more than a week or gets aggravated with gym workouts or daily activities, please consult a medical professional to get a medical diagnosis.


Bringing together the greatest athletes and coaches on the planet to share their ideas and experiences and help bring the powerlifting community to a new level Speakers Brett Gibbs I have competed on many stages across the world, won multiple world champs but like any sport, you’re always chasing the next goal and never seem to be satisfied regardless of what level you’re at.

On top of my own lifting I love to help others with their own training, learn form some of the best coaches in the PL world and see people enjoy the sport as much as I do. As the title suggests, Brett will take us through his insights as an athlete that has risen through the ranks to the number one spot. The highs, the lows, being coachable but also being self aware and accountable.

Greg Nuckols Greg lifts heavy things, teaches other people how to lift heavy things, and writes about lifting heavy things Topic – Sex Differences In Training Greg’s talk this year will be centred around sex differences in training.

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Etta crouched into proper form, per her triweekly training with Eric Cafferty, her coach, and confidently exhaled as she lifted a chalk-dusted barbell bearing pounds off the floor. For the past seven months, Etta has been fully engaged in the sport of powerlifting and has just set 12 new American records. She is 11 years old and weighs 65 pounds. Damiyah Smith, also 11, and from Commerce, Okla.

After getting into weight training at the age of 8 to enhance his performance in other sports, Garrett Stinchcomb, now 12, of Broken Arrow, Okla. And Luma Valones, who is just 5, has been performing weighted dead lifts, squats and bench presses since she was 3. Lacanglacang, a powerlifter herself, began training her daughter on a homemade PVC pipe barbell sporting 3.

Lacanglacang said powerlifting has made her daughter self-confident and is helping her to foster a positive body image. The USAPL began holding the event in , for ages 8 to 13, following growing demand from children and their parents across the nation. Veterans of the sport say it has grown more popular thanks in part to its newfound visibility on, what else, social media. Children like Etta, who posts her latest adventures in the gym on her personal Instagram page, ponytailsandbarbells , have become unofficial ambassadors for juvenile powerlifters.

Meg Gallagher, who gives regular shout-outs to her squadron of Strong Strong Friends. Ribic said.

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The findings of the McLaren investigation can be found here. Further information on Eligibility, Nomination Process and the Terms of Reference of the Commission can be found on the links. In order to fulfill the IWF Constitution and By-laws, the IWF has the responsibility to give athletes a voice in its governance and decision making process, as athletes are the building blocks of the sport itself.

The LGBT (Lesbian,Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) International Powerlifting You can get more information about our partners at their websites: Cassons us in preparation for the forthcoming meetings The closing date for inclusion in the.

More people than ever are throwing themselves into the challenge of competitive powerlifting. Here’s what you need to know to minimize the stress and maximize the success! The image that the words “powerlifting meet” bring to mind in most people is intense, to say the least. You might imagine gargantuan men and hella-strong women roaring while they move massive, rattling bars.

Heavy-metal music blasts in the background, chalk and ammonia capsules litter the ground, and blood is in the air. This is a shame, because I can assure you this isn’t the scene at most powerlifting meets today—in fact, the scene is quite the opposite. You’ll find men and women of many ages and strength levels competing.

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Although powerlifting is one of the new sports in Special Olympics, and was still considered a demonstration event at the Games, everywhere one went it seemed that someone was talking about powerlifting competition. Years from now people may look back and remember the International Summer Special Olympic Games in Minneapolis as the place where powerlifting came of age within Special Olympics. Thrill and excitement of achieving at one’s highest level was in evidence during this competition held at College of St.

Catherines, in St.

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Amalia Perez is well established on the Para powerlifting scene. The year before, she enjoyed one of her most-celebrated victories as she claimed the World Championships title in the up to 55kg on home soil in Mexico City. Perez made her Paralympic debut at Sydney , where she won the silver medal in the women’s up to 52kg weight category.

After taking another silver medal at the World Championships, the Mexican dropped down a weight category in search of a gold medal at the Athens Paralympic Games. However, despite her best efforts she could once again only muster a silver. Things changed after this event, though, as Perez went one better at the World Championships, where she finally won a gold medal.

Then in Beijing, she set a new Paralympic record with a lift of kg en route to claiming her first Paralympic gold. In , Perez won her second Paralympic gold medal at the London Games in the women’s up to 60kg weight category with a Paralympic-record lift of kg to prove to the world that she is only getting better with age.

And that is exactly what she has continued to do, winning World Championships gold in the women’s up to 61kg in Dubai, UAE, in In , as well as gold at the first Americas Open Championships, she set a new world record at the Toronto Parapan American Games. And at the Rio Paralympic Games, Perez secured her third consecutive gold medal with a new world record of kg, the third time she has held a world best mark. Skip to main content.


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